Monday, May 24, 2010

I really think it's all about communication. 
As long as you're open with eachother,
Entirely open,
Telling eachother everything you're thinking, feeling, expecting, wanting, needing...
Tell eachother everything.

(And why not? Why wouldn't you? If you've got something to hide, you need to be truthful with yourself before you can be with anyone else. Or - if you don't want to tell someone something, why are you with them?
That's the amazing thing about it all - finding someone and being with that person who you can be your COMPLETE self around. Someone you can tell all your secrets, passions, dreams, fears, joys, laughs, cries, plans - future with is priceless. Something that should be valued far above anything else.)

And when the utmost love, understanding, trust, teamwork, and devotion is there...
It's bliss.

But that's just me.

Love always,