Thursday, June 17, 2010

Giggle Monster.

Dear Cory Ray,

The laughs never stop when I'm with you.
That's one of the best thoughts to have, ever.
Yes, I said it. You're favorite, overused and most incorrectly used word, ever.
But, I am using it correctly this time.

The latest giggles I've encountered with you include
Indian burns. But please remember they are for people's arms, not face.

And just letting you know:
Lotion is supposed to be thick. Not milky, and melty feeling - like the body wash you were having me use, as lotion...
And the best part about it all was you really thought it was lotion. 
Even though it CLEARLY stated on the bottle: body wash.
The even better part? Your explanation:
"Oh! I just thought it heated up and was real liquidy."
Come one now, you're starting to sound like me!

The SIMS addiction has started.
RIP Sas. 
RIP Leo.
My girl may be broke, but Lilly is clearly the best pup around.
Yeah, I know what you're going to say to that:
(Dwight) "That's debatable." 

And I just want to let you know that you're TOTALLY rocking that Flash hat.
$2.12. That's a steal.

"I'm taking over the world!!"

And PedoBear - WOW.

And maybe someday, once we've won the lottery we can take that 20,000+ mile road trip around the US.
I'd enjoy that.

And as for last night, I loved it so much.
Those potatoes from a box were interesting...
And you acting possessed freaked me out a little bit.
Air toots.
Belly pillows.
But my favorite part was when we were solving the riddles and brainteasers at 2:00 in the morning. 
We're good.
Hit the rock.
And when it was finally nap time, nothing made me smile more than peek-a-boo before we finally fell asleep.

And today - that walk to Food Lion was a good one.
Sharing the load of the middle bag. 
Me winning in the game of Copy Cat. :)
And I'm really glad we figured out the lyrics to Mya's song.

"You're a Superstar. 
That is what you are!"

The last thing I'll say is, seeing you happy, makes me really, really happy.

Loving you always,