Saturday, June 19, 2010

Puppy Love.

One night, recently, we decided to start saving for our first puppy.
This is the first two dollars that we put into the Puppy Jar.
The story behind the $2.00:
Ages ago (like three years ago) Cory had a fish tank in his dorm room.
We went to Walmart to get a fish for me. 
He was so cute. A little white fish named Boomer.
Cory wanted to pay for it, but forgot his wallet, so I payed for it.
It was $2.00 for heaven's sake!!
BUT - when we got back to the dorm he insisted he give me $2.00 back.
I, in turn, then mailed it to him within the next few days.
Cory saved it all this time, and it turned into our first donation into buying our bundle of furry joy.

Putting the first donation in.
It was a big moment for us!

Adding to the love.

Yeah, we're pretty stinkin' excited.
To date: $14.43.

Love always,