Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going with the Flow.

Today was ‘one of those days’, I guess you could say.
It started off shaky and while it’s not quite over yet - for the most part ended shaky.
Until right now, that is.
11:00 PM, an hour before it’s a new day. 
I always try and catch myself in negative moments and snap out of them. 
I think I did a terrific job at that today.
We’re human, and no matter how hard we all try and be bubbly and happy all the time -
We can’t be.
Pain must be felt and lived out.
But as many famous sayings go, and I like to put it in my own way, it’s how you deal with the bad around you that matters, and how you make the most of it and learn from it.
The day started off with little things happening. 
I woke up after having an extremely weird, and awful dream. 
I think it was kind of scary too.
But now that I think of it - I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was about.
I just woke up feeling scared and uncomfortable.
It didn’t help that Cory wasn’t there either.
Then, as I was packing to go home, I realized not all of my stuff was going to fit into my bag.
Then I got an upset stomach from whatever it was I ate. 
I spent 10 minutes trying to get Cory’s car to open.
I almost crashed Amanda’s scooter. (NOTHING BAD HAPPENED!!! It was all quite funny, and once I got the hang of it, she said I was good!!! But needless to say, I felt silly.)
Then the newspaper I needed to get wasn’t there.
I went to get air in my tire, and it went terribly wrong. 
Then my swim lessons got all mixed up. 
Then, my flight got switched until tomorrow morning....after 4.5 hours of waiting at the airport...and feeling sick to my stomach because I just want to go home and then to Iowa to see Cory run.
And  currently I am sitting in the apartment, alone, with no power because of the thunderstorm outside. It’s kind of creepy, but I do love a good thunderstorm. 
So, yeah that was my day in a nutshell. 
BUT - 
Throughout all of it, I was incredibly calm and managed to stay optimistic about everything (thanks in large part to Cory about this while plane situation). And along the way, some pretty awesome things happened to me.
I learned to ride a scooter. It was fun. I’d like a pink one of my own!
Then, while at work waiting for my swim lessons to start - an old women who was swimming laps called me over. She needed help in the pool because the latter wasn’t by her. She started talking to me about this and that. She was frail, and she said, “I may not look like I can move, but boy can I swim.” I told her I think it’s awesome she still gets over to the Y to swim. She then asked if I knew how old she was. So I guessed - 80. And I was right on the money. She seemed very sharp too. And she was so cute. She had the snorkle mask and just floated up and down the pool, looking underwater the whole time. It made me smile. When I’m her age, I better be swimming laps daily too. She kept saying “see what happens when you get old!” But in all actuality, getting old is a blessing. It means you’ve lived, it means you’re still living. It means there is no better time to go do something - you can do anything no matter what age.
And then tonight in the midst of my airport crisis, I made a new friend. She was flying to the same place, and it turns out - lives not even 15 minutes away from me in Ohio. We talked about this and that - and once we were waiting for our rides to pick us back up since we couldn’t fly out tonight - I find out her sister knows my dad and family. Small world. 
My family laughs because I truly do run into some crazy situations but they all turn out to be good ones. She was so nice and genuine. She hugged me goodbye and said it was so nice to talk with me and she said thank you to me for keeping her company. I really enjoyed hers too. I don’t think I’ll ever see her again but I think that’s the charm of most of my situations I find myself in. Yeah, some people give ‘strangers’ and bad rap, but there are some truly awesome people out there. You just have to let it be. :)
All in all - thank God I’m alive.
OK, Bed time, taxi is picking me up at 4:45 in the morning for my new flight!! Can’t wait!!
(Can’t wait to see my family!! And then Cor Cor run his little heart out!!!!)

Love always,