Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My head is a mess.
A train wreck, if you will, a lot of the time.
It is always, constantly, this complicated heap of emotions, thoughts...
Dreams, desires, cravings,
And a tangled up recollection of the past and at times what I feel are unrealistic illusions for the future.

It makes me wonder how I perform day to day tasks normally.
I have deep needs for connection and intimacy.
Mainly from people, but also the things I am involved in.
But then I realized that my head is the main thing that makes me, me.
Myself, my whole self, has got me to where I am right now.
This moment.
I would never for a moment want to give up the incredible richness of my life.

So, if it needs to be a mess,
I'll stop trying to pick it up and keep it clean.
After all, I couldn't be happier about where I am, the people in my life and who I am.
Love always,