Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adventures in Iowa, and Beyond: Part lV

To finish up this trip,
After leaving Cedar Rapids, we drove until we were by The University of Iowa's campus.
So we decided to stop and explore a little bit,
Stretch our legs.

And, amazingly enough, we stumbled upon the track.
No, that's not the amazing part.
The amazing part is it was WIDE OPEN.
So, what did we do?
(Cory and his hurdles)

We taught Melissa how to do a proper start:

And they raced around the track once.
Melissa won.

THEN it was my turn.

I had him sweating it a little.

But he won, after a false start.
So I guess we were tied?

Then we got back in the car and drove on.
UNTIL, we decided to take the exit for Notre Dame -
And explore that for a while.

And guess what!
Their track was calling our name as well!
Cory and Melissa took another lap around this track, while something else caught my eye...

Yeah, I started to hurdle for no reason at all.
And Cory watched a few, was slightly impressed for an impromptu performance and asked if I was going out for Akron's track this season.

Which got me thinking, of course.
Not that my parents same remarks before hadn't...
I think I just surprised myself as well.
So on the rest of our drive home we decided we were going to work on it,
I'd be his first official athlete,
And he'd be my coach.

You heard it hear first, folks.
Thanks Notre Dame!!
And Coach Cory!
What a great trip!

Other good memories to wrap the trip up:
Cory's slap handprint, Melissa's homework light in the car, Finding a Wendy's, Seeing the Sears Tower, Wearing Cory's jeans to go out in.

Love always,