Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend: Sand Lake, Michigan

For the second year in a row,
I've traveled to Michigan with the Beebe's to celebrate July 4th.
If last year to this year was any indication of the future fourth of July trip, it's only going to get better.

Last year, my first year, I met the family.
The whole family.
Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends.
It was a long overdue visit.
But it was wonderful, new, exciting, relaxing, memorable.
(Highlight of the trip [for everyone but me] I ripped my pants doing a cartwheel because I was egged on into it.)

And this year, was just that much more crazier.

The Sand Lake festival is what I would compare to a small town celebration.
Parts are old-fashioned if you will.
It's really neat, and makes me stop and re-admire the simple things.
And how they can be just as charming as the more modern things.
We stay with Cory's grandparent's (his Dad's parents) which makes it that much more quaint.

Downtown Sand Lake

The carnival

The awesome book sale.
One bag (Cory is holding it) filled to your liking = $2.00.
We got something like 18 books or so.

The famous Wooden Nickel
Selling knick-nacks and food, very cheap and fun to look around.
It's a hit or miss place.

We played Bingo.
$.25 per 3 Bingo cards.
But sadly, I did not score any money for myself!

The 4th of July Parade

Golf was played at the house.

Walks, adventures, frog playing.

Cards were played and card houses were made by Cory.
Kings Corner!

Midnight icecream run

Or what I could get of them.

Just a really, really nice - relaxing weekend. 
We had the family get together, walks we took, and fun we had and as always - memories made.

Memories from the trip:
Seeing a Ground Round sign, my domination in rock-paper-sissors with Cory, thumb war wrestling with Cory, seeing a snake and getting a million bug bites on the walk Cory and I took, eating wild berries, running with Cory holding hands back to the house, Melissa hitting her head at the store on the freezer handle, water balloon fights, Tristan loosing a toe nail, new 6 and 3 year old best friends, watching the fireworks with Cory.

Love always,