Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Infinite and Beyond.

Dear Cory Ray,

Hey C.
Well, another summer is over and I'm headed back to Ohio.
Can you believe it?
Sometimes I would feel like this summer was flying by, 
and other times it felt like it was a long summer.
But that doesn't change the fact that it's indeed over.

I'm going to miss you so much.
I'm going to miss kicking pine cones on our walks.
Throwing the eggs off the balcony.
(We're real rebels...)
Our TV show line up:
Reba, King of Queens, That 70's Show, Two and a Half Men.
Our baby bags of popcorn every night to accompany our movie choices.
And how I used to secretly look over at you while you were trying to savor every last bit of flavor in the popcorn bag.
You're a trip. 
I'll miss watching you practice golf in the apartment.
With or without your clubs. I can't help but smile.

I'm going to miss sitting in the bed in the morning before you got up 
and just giggling to myself at the sight of you sleeping.
You're the cutest thing when you're sleeping.
I'll miss sleeping in your nooks.

Lately, I've been trying to take a mental note of how it feels when we hug. 
Where my arms go, where yours go.
Where I rest my head, and you yours.
Or how it feels when you decide to become dead weight and how I have to try and keep you up.

I've been trying to take a mental note of how it feels when we hold hands while laying watching TV.
I've been thinking, isn't it amazing how perfectly our hugs feel? How they fit together?
How my hands fit so perfectly wrapped around your waste and rest on your lower back.
How my head fits perfectly in your nook as your head lowers to rest of my head.
And our hands, they fit together so effortlessly. 
Every line, movement and detail fit together perfectly.

I know I've never told you this, but I love to hold your hand.
Sometimes I hold my hand next to yours so close in hopes your hand would find mine.
It's a silly thing I do, but holding your hands makes me feel different.
Wherever we are, I like it best when we experience life walking hand in hand.
I'll miss that too.

But you and I,
We're to infinity and beyond!!
And just know, always know, that no matter where I am -
There's no place I'd rather be than wherever you are.
"Home is whenever I'm with you..."

You're amazing.
Thanks for an amazing summer.
One more school year for you...
Knock, knock.
(Who's there?)
It's your friend Morgan and I'm always gonna be here.
Ah, ah.
Morgan once again.
Ah, ah.
(Stewie Griffin voice)

Hey Cory, thanks for listening.
(Stewie Griffin voice)

There are 8 little notes hidden around your room.
Loving you always,