Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seattle Adventures: Part I

First and foremost, I would actually like to start this series of blogs out by reminiscing on my flight out there.

There was some stress going on at the gate counter with having to ask people to take another flight. (They were offering $400 in travel certificates!!) But, turns out that there really are some awesome people in the world who gave up their seats, no questions asked! There was even a man who stepped down from first class because the flight attendant seat was broke and they needed a first class seat for him. My point, I’ll make it – people are nice!

Then I saw the sky. It was incredible before I even boarded my plane in Cleveland. It had some dark blue clouds over us with a few breaks here and there. But out in the distance, there was the clear sunset. So, when I was actually in that sky, it was literally jaw dropping. When we cleared the initial cloud layer, my eyes went wide, and I was just in shock of how amazing it was. The clouds were so amazing right below us!! Ah, it was like white cotton candy for miles and miles into forever. And – THEN – the sunset!! Right in front of is. I just really can’t even explain it. I am getting so excited just thinking about it. These pictures really don’t do it justice. It’s safe to say my breath was taken away.

Top add to the amazing start to my flight, I saw a plane fly under us! That was stellar. Then, once the whole sky was dark, I noticed a quick flash in the sky out diagonally in front of us. So I tuned in and it was lightening in the clouds!!!!!! It went on for so long!!! I was in utter amazement! I’ve never seen anything like it. I sincerely wish I could have taken a picture of it. It was like there was a dance party in the clouds with strob lights. (If that creates a mental picture for you that makes any sense…?) It was AWESOME, take my word for it!

Lastly, my layover in Denver, COLORADO!!! (Colorado has been a dream state to visit for me!) Yes, I know I was only there for roughly 40 minutes, and in an airport at night, but I was happy. Anyways, Denver’s airport…out.of.control!!! So nice! Everything was digital, there were those moving sidewalks every 100 feet or so, and there was about 4 in a row each time! (I loved them. Each time I got on I was moving so fast! And when I got off it felt like I was still on it – cool feeling!) Oh, and the bathroom smelled like smarties…yeah, so sweet!!

Then, we were boarding the flight to Seattle and the plane was so big. I think I was on a plane just as big when I went to San Francisco, but I don’t remember. So, yeah, I was pumped. Per row, it went three seats, isle, three seats. And, there were so many rows back! Once I sat in my seat I called Cory back really quick to tell him about this giant of a plane, and there was TV’s!! AND THEY PLAYED THE OFFICE!!! I was whispering on the phone to Cory so people wouldn’t have thought I was silly.

Oh, but the good news isn’t over. I had window seats on both my flights, and an empty seat next to me on the second one! J I’ll tell you what though – my first flight almost killed me. My bottom hurt, back hurt, feet were falling asleep left and right, I was so cramped and couldn’t sleep. Woooo. All together about 5.5 hours on a plane = enough for me right now. I do need to gain my stamina for plane rides.
Love always,