Monday, November 22, 2010

Here’s to Happiness

Somethings that makes me Incredibly Happy:

Cherry chapstick (you're so awesome!)

A trip to Walmart with my mom: spending 15 minutes in the card aisle laughing at the cards that have a song inside them.
Then, driving home from Walmart and running into the gas station for a bottle of wine (for Mom) and a cinnamon roll cappuccino (for me) and then watching a movie.

And - My whole family, and friends being in on the surprise of all time: 
Cory came home! Yes. Showed up at my bedroom door. 

I knew something was up because my mom was acting all funny, and so I questioned everyone - but I really didn't think it had anything to do with Cory. 
I had plans to go to Findlay over the weekend to visit old friends, but a few days ago my mom asked what I was doing this weekend. When I told her my plans she started to act all silly, and I knew something was not being said. As my suspicions grew, and my mom flat out told me I should cancel my weekend plans due to we NEED TO CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEEKEND, I canceled, mostly out of fear of what the heck was going on. 
Saturday rolled around, and I was told be ready to leave for our steak dinner by 4:00 in the afternoon. By 2:00, I was ready - panty hose and all. So I sat, and sat, and sat around. Waiting to leave...
Then, I was in my room around 4:00 on my computer (in a semi foul mood) and someone was knocking repeatedly on my bedroom door. (I thought it was my Dad because when a cat sits outside my door, my Dad knocks and knocks and knocks until I open to let the cat in to be funny. SOO, I replied to the knocks - "Yeah." "YEAH." "YEAH, IT'S OPEN!!"...
Door opens.
I see Cory Ray Beebe and Melissa holding a camera.
...oh and the rest of the family standing in our small hallway.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Water works started, as well as the shakes!
I was so happy. 

I am the happiest person, ever!
...and it thunderstormed this morning. In November! I LOVE IT!
Love always,