Friday, November 19, 2010

Women, Wheels and Waffles.

My Mom and I went to the annual Women, Wheels and Waffles event held by the car repair shop we've discovered. 
It was women only, and it was such a hoot!
They had a full buffet style breakfast with sausage and waffles and other little crumpets. 
They also had a full morning bar where you could get coffee, mimosa in a fancy wine glass, and even a Bloody Mary, which of course you couldn't pass up! 
(For my Mom that is. I cringe at the thought of them. I know...I need to branch out. I know.)

Anyways, there were various stations set up like: checking the fluid levels on your car, how to change a tire (which I am so informed on now! So informed and excited about what I learned that I want to change my tire now. This severely troubles me seeing as this would mean that I would have to pop a tire in the first place...and, of course, I don't want that to happen!) Anyways, there was also a station about computers and your car (we skipped this one...oops), and 'ask the technician'! 

The technician answered our questions about my struts that desperately need replaced and our various problems with our cars tire pressures! Such a smart man!

Needless to say, it was a laugh and a half - as well as some good car sense learned!

And not to poke fun at anyone, but something that my mom and I keep chuckling about is that at the changing a tire station a women asked the guy, "What do you do if your tires don't have lug nuts?"
(Her hub caps have that covering over the nuts that you just have to pry off.)
But it was just funny, not in a bad or mean way, but this is what this event was - for all of you to picture:
A car repair shop full of women asking silly questions about their cars...drinking bloody mary's and eating waffles.
Love always,