Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Adventures of Cory and Morgan: Part Four.

On our little trip into the city of Cleveland, we stopped my the Bob Feller statue outside of the Cleveland Indians Stadium.
Cory and Bob:

We had some time to kill before the Snow Days event we were going to at the Indians Stadium, so we ventured over to the Q (Quicken Loans Arena) and then to the Terminal Tower - Tower City:
And ate some Auntie Anne's pretzels and made a few wishes by throwing some pennies into the fountain at Tower City.
And while we were in the Q, with deserted escalators, one going up and one going down, with typical us - it is only natural what we would do next: RACE! 
The National Champ wanted to run up the down, and I ran up the up.
The results?
The champ placed second, respectfully.
We then went and had some dinner in Tower City.
Cory wanted Chinese, and two of the three places that he had to choose from were very persistent in that they wanted our business. 
We got samples left and right, which was nice.
I wanted Charley's Subs, and my order got screwed up and they ended up making me seven subs, instead of one. 
We then were confronted by a couple who said they were from Birmingham, Alabama who claimed I was a model and who would not let go of Cory's hand.
And on a bathroom break Cory is certain he saw a drug deal go down.

What an exciting couple of hours we had. 
Always a giggle to be had.
Love always,