Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Adventures of Cory and Morgan: Part Five.

I took Cory to Snow Days for a surprise at the Cleveland Indians Stadium.
There was a frozen mile lap for iceskating, a giant ice slide for tubing down called the Batterhorn, a hay maze, and snow ball area. 
It was so much fun!

Here is an advertising picture that they showed of the layout of the stadiums transformation:

From the top of the batterhorn:
Over looking the hay maze, ice track, slide and snow pit area:

We made snow angels:
Cory and 'Ketchup' (you know, the hotdog mascot) loved Cory and they 'hit the rock' a couple of times.
Were on the jumbotron five times!
Hung out in the Indians dug out:
And went iceskating forever!
This, for me atleast, was the best/funniest part.
Cory was a little nervous about going just because he had never been iceskating before.
I told him not to worry, he'd do great and I'd probably be the one to wipe out anyways...
So we suited up:
And set sail.
I had to catch a thumbs up for making it around the first lap alive and uninjured! 
Little did we know we would be skating for a good hour to come.
What's really funny, and sadly not captured on the camera, was the fact that I actually did wipe out, really bad.
By around our seventh or so lap, Cory was really getting the hang of skating and we were flying around the track.
We would stop and spin in circles, or go really fast, or Cory would do leg crossovers like the professionals.
But as we were taking a curve into this tunnel, Cory flew by me and my toe caught a chunk of shaved ice...I think.

Anyways, picture my body completely flying horizontally through the air, sliding into home base. 
Yeah, I went flying, and when I finally reached the ground, my palms hit first, followed by my elbows, chest and then the rest of my body came crashing down. 
LUCKILY, no one saw (I think) but a little boy who stopped and asked in a western accent: "Are you okay Miss?" 
I had a minor case of the wind being knocked out of me, but I grabbed the railing to help myself up while I was dying laughing.

Cory was a good 20 feet in front of me, not knowing what had just happened - and when he turned around because he noticed I was not beside him anymore, he turned around to see me laughing so hard I was barely breathing (in part due to my lack of air being knocked out already from the fall) with snow covering my jeans, jacket, gloves and scarves. 
When I told him what happened, he was upset he missed it, but did get to witness another minor trip I had a lap later. 

Cory kept quoting a line from the TV show South Park about learning to ski to me about 'pizza-ing' and 'french frying'.
Clearly, my wipeouts were the cause of me 'french frying' instead of 'pizza-ing':
"If you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gunna have a bad time."
But no bad time was had by us.
Later on that night, however, I found out that I fell harder then I thought...I dented my camera :(
No worries though, still works!
Love always,