Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Adventures of Cory and Morgan: Part Six.

We went to Christmas parties.

Cory tried on wigs.
He looks like Shaggy, doesn't he?

We played Family Guy Monopoly, and I won the BIG free parking.

Cory surprised me by taking me to Homerville, Ohio to a Christmas tree farm that decks the halls like no other.
It looks like a mini city from a far.
You can drive through their driveway and see all of the lights and things they have set up.
It's so pretty!

And then we made buckeyes!
Some were normal shaped, but some were not.
I made a heart, of course.
Cory made a top shaped buckeye, a square, rectangle, and tried to make one the size of two baseballs. 

Cory also surprised me by taking me to see the Cleveland Police's horses. 
They were SO huge!

The horses had cool names, too. Like Tony, Rascal (the crazy one), Blaze, Taz, Dak and Mandy.
It was such a cool surprise! I loved it!!
Ah, good adventures.
OH! And we played the "I'm sorry game". 
I'm sorry for putting chocolate all up the spoon handle while making buckeyes,
and that you got it all over your hands :)
Love always,