Monday, December 13, 2010

A Fun Moment I Want to Remember:

The day after Thanksgiving we went and got new family photos.
On our way home, we drove past a park that Katie used to swim at a lot when she was younger.
(Youth Swim Team)
Well, she was pretty awesome...
And she broke a few records at this one pool in Wooster, Ohio (as well at other pools).
So my Dad zoomed into the park and Katie and Dad ran down to the doors because the record board was right as you walked into the doors.
Sure enough, Katie and her crew still hold a relay record!!!
She's is such a superstar!
I snapped these pictures really quick with my camera phone, so not the best quality, but it was cute that they were butting their noses up to the doors to see what records still stood. And I captured it!!
 :) My family is the best.

Love always,