Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 From Columbus

Cory and I rang in the new year in Columbus, Ohio with my sister who lives in Short North.
We met up with Katie's friends and one of Cory's. 
The last day of 2010 was pretty awesome. 
Driving down to Columbus was beautiful, sunny and so warm for this time of year.
(Something like mid 50's, and later we saw 60 degrees in Columbus!) 
And, personally, I had a really good time driving down. Cory and I made a new car CD to listen to and just had fun. 

When the night began, we ate the dinner that Nik cooked us - pork and sauerkraut.

Katie and Nik.
Loving life.

After that we headed over to see other friends. 
Crazy enough, we ALMOST missed the ball drop, and some 10(ish) of us went power walking through the streets of Columbus to find a TV to watch the ball drop on. We literally made it with about three minutes to spare. 
But all was well, and, of course, our New Years Kiss.
After a night of running here and there, New Years crowns and top hats, taxi drivers that don't stop, crowded streets and a really good time. I called it a night.
Cory and our friend John Franks, however, set out on a mission to get some food.
After many miles were walked, pizza was finally found and the night finally ended. 
Happy 2011.
Love always,