Monday, January 3, 2011

The Adventures of Cory and Morgan: Part Seven.

The last part of break and having Cory home was so wonderful. 
We FINALLY finished our last mini bag of the 100 calorie popcorn we got in the summer.
(When I left for the summer, we had one bag left and Cory sent it home with me. 
I, of course, couldn't eat it without him, so I waited until the time was right.)
I also found THE CUTEST baby jug of orange juice for Cory.
So we enjoyed them while watching our favorite late night guy, Craig Ferguson. 

Cory dominated in Family Guy Monopoly, AGAIN! And we ate our Mickey and Mini Mouse marshmallow suckers that Cory's mom got us.

We played trivia while watching the Brown's game at Wingz, and got a perfect three in a row TWICE.
Go Como!!

The weather was beautiful.
(This was taken on New Years Day 2011, outside Cory's house)
(These were taken the next day, January 2nd, outside Cory's house)
And we snuggled next to the Christmas Tree for a last picture for the season. 
Until next time, Over and out!
Love always,