Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alpha Phi Omega: My New Adventure In Life.

Alpha Phi Omega: National Service Fraternity 

And this is my baby pledge pin! It's so cute and tiny:
So, I have been meaning to do this for A. LONG. TIME.
I really have. 
But, you know me...I freak about school all the time and never think I have time for anything but school.
And, oh yeah, I have a job that I am committed to that I enjoy - and it 'pays the bills'.

But, I am running out of time in college, and I used to be Mrs. Involved. 
And truly, I think I would be so heartbroken if down the road I looked back and I never did it.
So, I pledged, and I am never looking back.
These people I've met, and I am getting to know, are so wonderful. 
Really...they're so nice, and have such kind hearts, and care SO much for one another, and humanity. 
I love it. I LOVE IT!! Making a difference with such remarkable people is nothing short of complete bliss.
Can't wait to document everything about this new journey in my life, and all of my new Brothers!
"Alpha Phi Omega until the day we die!"
Love always,