Friday, February 18, 2011

My trip back to Cory...

I had only started to count down for it THE second he disappeared out of my sight when we dropped him off at the airport on January 3rd. Anyways, as time goes - it flew by and before I knew it the night before my trip was upon me. YIPEE!

But…this time didn’t go as smooth as the other 2,019 times I’ve flown out to Salisbury. (For those of you who don’t know me – I am over exaggerating with the ‘2,019’…but, it’s been A LOT!) But, OK, back to how eventful the start of my trip was.

Number one, I could NOT fall asleep the night before my 7:05 A.M. flight. COULD NOT. In fact, let me take you back to the whole day before my flight. It was a Thursday – the craziest day of the week for me. This is usually how a normal Thursday goes: Leave my house around 7:30 in the morning and have classes STRAIGHT from 9:15-3:00. Then I have a break from 3:00 – 5:20 (to get a lot of work done, you know? (no.)) and then my last class is from 5:20-7:50 STRAIGHT! After that I have an Alpha Phi Omega meeting from 8:00 until around 9:00/9:30 at night. The Thursday before my trip, my day was like that, and it truly was a great day! (Except for the fact that I could not focus at all because of my excitement for my trip, and on my break I was incredibly hyper and didn’t know how to calm myself…so I got no work done and I developed a minor head ache which evolved into a larger one by 8:00.)

So, my point, the cause of my sleepless night, I think, stemmed from events from Thursday (and I was beyond the point of obsessive excitement). I kept getting up and remembering things I needed to do and pack, and I kept thinking of Cory and all of the fun we were going to have. I also kept thinking about the LOADS of homework that I needed to do while I was out there…and how my head still hurt…pretty bad.

Thankfully, somewhere between 1:15 and 1:30 in the morning, I zonked out. I had my alarm set for 4:30 in the morning so I could get up, get a shower, and finish packing. Unfortunately, however, and just my luck, I got up late. 

[Side note: I have a severe problem. I somehow ALWAYS manage to hit the snooze button ATLEAST two times without my conscious knowledge of doing it. I CAN’T break the habit because I don’t even know I’m doing it. I need help of how to break the habit and to get up when my first alarm goes off. Any advice?]

I got up at 5:05 (instead of 4:30) and I still REALLY needed a shower. I thought I was still OK, but when my Mom said, “Aren’t you running late?”, I flipped and I literally think that I saw my heart jump out of my chest. (Well, I would have seen it if the house was not completely pitch black and if I hadn’t run into my parent’s door trying to get out. But, I DEFINITELY felt it. Hard core.)

I flew to get ready and we left 20 minutes later. After I almost forgot my phone, we were on the road.  Once at the airport, I felt my heart fall to the bottom of my stomach because the security line was SO long. Oh, and I was boarding in 15 minutes. So, true to me being me, I made friends with the couple in front of me as they were in my same boat (as well as others around me having flights that left at 7:00), so I felt a little better. But, not for long because we were not making progress in the line.

So I called my Dad, woke him up to only tell him about my pickle and to see if there was anything I could do (because he is the travel guru). After chuckling he said, “well, you did get out of the shower when you were supposed to be leaving (I know) and no, you’re stuck. But don’t try and switch lines, that could make it worse.” So I said goodbye with the biggest knot in my throat. (Don’t worry, I didn’t cry. There were too many people around and if I started to cry I think I would lose the title of “world traveler” from my parents. I take pride in that title and my good travel sense). But once I was off the phone, you can guarantee that I was screaming so loud in my mind, and, hello head ache again! (I haven’t seen you in awhile…) But one thing led to another and I got through security and on to my gate RIGHT as the lady at the ticket counter was saying, “Welcome passengers to flight 3364 with service to Philadelphia, I’ll begin boarding now.”…or something like that!

Holy Moly, my world was turned upside down! Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Once on the plane, a big strong guy helped me with my luggage into the overhead and I got my seat section all to myself. I was feeling GREAT!! (Until the flight attendants seemed grumpy and tired and then the captain spoke, he mumbled and he seemed grumpy too. AND then I got ink pen on my iPod and it proceeded to not turn off.)

But I then got my complimentary drink of my usual apple-cranberry juice on the plane (Mom, I think you’re smiling at this) and then once we got above the clouds, BAM!!!:
Instant happiness for me. Seriously. I was on cloud 9. (Oh my gosh, I really could have been!!)

(Not done yet. If you’re still reading this – you’re either really bored or like blog…?)

But here comes the part where you may giggle or roll your eyes at me. Since I got up, showered and ran out the door in a matter of 35 minutes, I didn’t have time to brush my teeth, dry my hair or put on my minimal amount of make-up (because this was a special event, you know). And since I got to Cleveland, freaked out in security and walked right on the plane – I had to brush my teeth and do something with my hair and make-up so it could possibly look like I DIDN’T just wake up, do a horrible job at showering and walk on a plane (which I most certainly did) - in the Philadelphia Airport. (Seriously, I need to title this place my “home away from home” for as many times as I have been there.)

(I also know my parents (if they’re even still reading this) are either in disgust right now after reading that I brushed my teeth in a public restroom (HAHAHA!), or shrugging their shoulders with a smirk on their face a silently saying, “hey, she got herself into this.”) But I had a three-hour lay over, so it was no big deal!)

But it wasn’t all that bad. It was an experience and I hope you got a giggle out of this because that was my purpose in writing out all of my adventures. I also wrote it to look back on and think, “Morgan, get a grip”, and to see, “look, it was a bad situation at the time, you didn’t miss your planes and it all worked out in the end. You can exhale now and please smile!”

In conclusion, Mom, thanks for taking me to the airport and dealing with my anxiety.  Dad, sorry I woke you up to almost cry about a situation where I knew exactly what was going on. Connie, I’m sorry you have to witness my spaz attacks. (I am working on it.) And to the lady who helped me get my stuck bag out of the overhead, you’re strong so super awesome! THANKS!

More to come. But I'm off to enjoy the 70 degree weather and my one and only.
Love always,