Friday, February 11, 2011

In Defense of Social Networks:

I'll make this short, I promise.
But, lately, I've been hearing people talk bad about our new 'social networks' we have on the computer.
I hear people talk about all of the obsessions with new technology and how it's driving our society into the ground.
(Mainly my professors, and some occasional classmates...but friends, too.)
Anyways, while I agree to an extent that they are making things less personal, people are losing key communication skills, forgetting proper english, wasting time and it causes silly, silly drama - I have to admit, I love my facebook, new twitter, and, OF COURSE, my blog!
For me, I love them because they allow me to document, discover, release, keep in touch, meet new people, get inspired, inspire, be my creative self,'s fun!

I can't speak for the people who are perhaps giving these new tools a bad name. 
But you'll have that with anything - people abusing things, overusing things, people not knowing when to put it away.
Also, those 'people' are who they are and so be it. 
It's not bothering me because, for one, I don't let it, and two, it would be silly to let it bother me. 
I can't control them just as much as I can't control the weather. 
Plus, who am I (who are we) to judge and tell people what they should and shouldn't do with their own facebooks, twitters, etc? I mean, if you really don't like it, don't do it yourself, or don't involve yourself with the people who are driving you crazy.

Additionally, I make sure that I remain personal in face-to-face interactions, keep my 'english and communication skills' running and I don't participate in drama. Wasting time, however, well...I like to follow the general rule of thumb:
"Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted." (John Lennon)
Besides, you've got to have a little down time here and there!

But, my point, I think these social network tools that we have are really cool and bring that much more into my life that I wasn't able to see, or have, before. Advancements are apart of life but they aren't all of life. 
But, that's just me! 
Thanks for letting me run my mouth, as always.
Peace Out!
(My beloved Macbook, with a background from you know who!)
Love always,