Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Love. You Make Me Giggle.

I cannot get over how much Skype has made me missing you so much better!!!
I love seeing you so much!
(And I do love to see what you're eating!)

In spirit of Valentine's Day, and since you're kind of stuck with a Valentine like me...I thought I would write you a little somethin', somethin'.
So here is my love letter to you, my main man, Mr. Valentine Ray Ray: 

To My Cory Ray,
In 4 (count 'em) FOUR (ish) days I will be with you again and hugging you so crazy tight.
I will use all of my might.

I'm so happy to be with you again.

You really have NO idea how much you make my life and everyday so wonderful...and beautiful...and out of this world phenomenal. I forever and always want you to remember 5 things:
(And no, they don't have wings.)
(And they can't sing...)

1. I've loved you since day ONE. (Literally, since you knew who I was.)
2. I love that you're MINE! (My best friend, my home, love of my entire life, my one and only.)
3. I love that I'm YOURS! (More than you'll ever know. Never stop loving me.)
4. No one could, or will, ever replace YOU! (Into forever, no one could ever come close to comparing.)
5. I love you with a love that is more than LOVE. (Yes, it's possible because I do it everyday!)

(I tried to do a poem that rhymed, but...I think I may have failed.)
Anyways, rock on with your bad self.
Loving you always,