Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mini Vaca.

Flying out to see Cory these past few days was probably not the smartest move I've ever made, but certainly - WITHOUT A DOUBT - far and away - a worthwhile one. (I get out there every chance I GET!)
I was out there for six days (since I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and my school celebrated President's Day on Tuesday -- I flew out there from a Friday morning until a Wednesday night).
Why do I say it may not have been the smartest move on my part is simple. 
I had SO much homework to do, and the Thursday I flew home, I had giant test...and I am taking 21 credit hours.
(Why? Because I am down right cruel to myself. But that's for a different conversation.)
(Also, I am alive, thank goodness. But you know how they say "Do one thing everyday that scares you?"...does it count if that thing (my test) almost killed you?)
I flew out there because I could and I, of course, wouldn't have had it any other way. 
It's kind of silly to sit here and think about how much you love someone and that no matter what is going on...that love keeps beating brighter than the sun. 
It's also kind of silly to sit here and think about what that kid does to me.
Given any other time/situation -- I would have been a mess.
But because I was flying out to see him, everything was just dandy. 

I remember when I was boarding my connecting flight to Salisbury, I couldn't stop smiling. I was acting like an idiot. 
I had a stomach full of butterflies, shaky hands, and a grin that was plastered to my face. 
At one point, I had to refocus my breathing pattern because I was so hyped up!

Our time together flew by. 
But it was really wonderful. 

We walked one day for roughly 10 miles. (Not all at once).
But we walked to go to Cory's favorite Chinese Buffet (where we saw Consuela).
(Not really, but kind of...)
Then we walked to a couple stores, then to the pet store to stare at fish we wanted...and a ferret. 
We giggled about how street lights ALWAYS turn off when Cory walks under them. (It happened 4 times in one walk! - Tell me that's not creepy!)
We made two batches of No Bake Cookies :)
(A cookie the way...CORY!!)
We cooked our dinners, and watched our movies with our popcorn. (P.S. - The Proposal and Bulletproof are GREAT movies).
We played Cory Cocoon and updated the Puppy Jar!

When we decided to step out, we went to this diner by his apartment and we swear we were in another world. 
(Louisiana or Alabama, to be exact.)

Cory set a record and drank a full glass of water in 5.93 seconds. 
(I am SO bad at this contest, it's not even funny.)
We ate too many Nutty Bars, and Cory confessed he has a problem with will power around the sweets. 
. . . . . . . . . .
Mostly, though, we talked and relaxed, starting anew.
Then I flew home, and tried to stay positive.  
As always, I miss him like there's no tomorrow. 
Love always,