Monday, February 7, 2011

You know how most of us always say:

"if it's meant to be it will find a way"? 
"everything happens for a reason"?

I feel like these saying are just comfort thoughts and security nets for the mind when a rough day comes along or something didn't go the way we had hoped. 
Or, when something so wonderful happens to us. We call it 'meant to be'! Fate!
Atleast...that's just how I used to use them...or still do use them.
I do believe in them. I think they're true.
But we must act on these reasons and ways.

But the more I got to thinking about it the more I felt a discomfort with it.
I felt in my mind they had more of a "it is what it is, it will work itself out" message behind them.
. . . . . . . . 
What will work ITself out? What is IT?
Yeah, it will all work out if I make it happen!?
Maybe it is just me being my hard hitting, 'better move it or lose it' attitude - 
But I don't like to think that everything will just be OK if I haven't exhausted all other resources yet.
I feel like me saying all of this is showing that I don't have faith in God and that I don't believe he is in our lives,
because that is not the case, AT ALL.
I believe in God.
I have somewhat formed this unfinished theory that God created us and gave us all our own bodies and minds, hearts and souls fully equipped and ready to go - once we discover, or create, who we really are, our world around us and how to use our God given tools correctly. 
That's why I believe we have free will. 
I feel like things happen to us because of our actions, attitudes, and who and what we surround ourselves with.
God couldn't have just placed us here to be creatures that just go through the motions of life.
No. I can't even begin to think that's even an option. 
God had to of put us here to exert ourselves to be extraordinary beings. 

I don't believe that he 'steering' us on our path in life, but rather we are to make our own paths in life and he will help us when we call to him in prayer, and he will help us when we ask for his advice, and he will comfort us when we are lonely or sad, and he will love us, unconditionally. 

Maybe I am relating him to an actual parental unit. 
You know how our parents are always trying to give us the best, and support us and try to steer us in the right direction?
They are always there to help us out when we need it.
But, ultimately, our lives are our own and our own responsibility. 

I feel like, on a much bigger scale (obviously) that this is what God is doing. 
I just cannot justify God having a set plan for us all - predestination. 
I cannot agree with that...
Like right as I am sitting here my life is planned out completely?
Doesn't it seem like life, and all the ups and downs that are involved, would be so much more meaningful if we did everything ourselves.
And when we need help, our Almighty Father will be there.
I just have to think that life is a destination unknown, and not a final destination. 

Yes, maybe God is placing something in my life to show me something, give me a sign, help me learn and make the right decision - and then there are times when the craziest coincidences happen. Like something was just handed to me that I did not expect to happen. 
But isn't the decision ultimately up to me to act on it? 
Or maybe all of these philosophy classes are seriously messing with my mind.

Lastly, I will just say, I really think that "we're fully responsible for all of the talent that has been entrusted in us" - Henri Frederic Amiel.

What do you think? Let me know.
Thank you for letting me think out loud. Perhaps I will be back with more.
I did not mean to offend anyone whatsoever, I understand and respect the fact that we all believe differently - 
I am just trying to sort things out for myself, so let me know what you believe.  :)
Love always,