Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tweeter, Tweeter Pumpkin Eater

April 2011
{My Twitter}

1. "On the road again. ROAD TRIP! I just got a cinnamon and brown sugar cuppacino with oatmeal in it. Odd but not too shabby."

2. "Wow. This puffy eye business needs to stop. It is such a terrible feeling!" I don't know, but for literally a month (as you will see) my eyes were puffy so bad, every morning.

3. "Holy heavens. Can I just say, speaking my mind makes me feel rejuvenated. Don't hold it in. Whatever it is - it's important and let it out."

4. "Thunder. April, you are so beautiful for bringing me a thunderstorm!"

5. "Standing water is scary. Multiply it and add heavy rain and I have found it to be quite terrifying. Pam, thanks for being such a trooper!"

6. "April 5th, YOU'RE FREEZING! High of 42 and snow/rain mix. (I'm ready with my clear bubble umbrella, rain is OK, I guess.)"

7. "In all seriousness, I avoided two pot holes today that I could see to the center of the Earth. You think I'm joking but I'M NOT! #Roughroad"

8. "I am officially an #AlphaPhiOmega BROTHER! For life!" {See here}

9. "Never again will I ever overload my life with so much at once (21 credit hours is a biggie). I know, I know...never say never, right?" But a HUGE thanks to Shelbi for the Golden Oreos (little obsession turned HUGE) because they help me get through homework!

10. " 9ish of puffy eyes? Perhaps a doctor's visit is in order."

11. "GOOD NEWS! I never want to be a lawyer! (Solidification brought to you by: Freedom of Speech in the US (A.K.A. Worst class ever!!))" Not what I expected at all :(

12. "Looking on the bright side makes EVERYTHING better! :)"

13. "I should wear my hair down more often :) I got so many nice compliments today!"

14. " apparently I am not a good academic writer :(" I got a paper back and basically it was edited like CRAZY. I am too wordy I guess...but, I already knew that one...

15. "Dinner date with my Big and Grand Big. I love this SO MUCH."

16. "APO trip to Walmart! Relay for Life preparation!" {Relay post here}

17. "My friends think my car is "so sweet"...and then they rode in it...and discovered poor Pam's problems. (The stinking blinker!!)"

18. "I haven't been feeling well for some time. Prescribing myself a hot bath, raspberry iced tea and sherbet."

19. "My Katie Kelley is 21! Growing up too fast! I have not laughed this hard in so, so long. This is amazing :)"

20. "Spending first thing in the morning outside is my favorite! Today, April 10, is going to be amazing. A step away from 80 degrees is bliss."

21. "Dinner date, Coldstone, and trying on funny hats with My Lissa!"

22. "Making my APO paddle today :) This is exciting! (And, Wow! Just squeaked out of town on some major discounts!)" {Paddle post here}

23. "Just filmed our TV spot for Akron Children's Hospital!!" I am going to be on TV!!!!

24. "Studied in Barnes & Noble for the first time today. But now I am just super sleepy..."

25. "They are cutting the grass on campus today! I LOVE to see and hear this...but mostly I LOVE to smell this."

26. "I will not let these puffy eyes get me down...I will not...I will not..." but a couple days later: " I think it's safe to assume I have allergies. Oh well, HOORAY for regular eyes!" AKA I got medicine.

27. "So, Dairy Queen closes at 9:00? This is not OK. But, do you think that stopped me from getting my Mom and I some icecream? #BigFatNegative"

28. At Relay for Life: "It is 1:41 in the morning. We are beat. But we must keep going in the name of those fighting. Day after relay = sleep all day. But I feel amazing for what we all accomplished." {Relay}

29. "Not even 2 minutes after waking up, I was skyping with my Sis :) SO WONDERFUL! Now I have SO much homework I have to do!! #OnlyTwoWeeksLeft"

30. "Congrats to @CamMan040 for finally walking into the post office and learning how to buy a stamp!! So proud!" After a day and a half of asking me so many specific questions about how to walk into the post office to buy a stinking stamp, Cameron finally mustered up the courage to do it. Yikes.

31. "Can't wait to see all the May flowers that come from all of these April showers..."

32. "Late night thunderstorms are the best! Gully washers when trying to drive home ARE NOT...we'll see how this goes...#Scared!"

33. "'Pour Some Sugar on Me' never sounded so dang good!!" After work one day I was jamming so hard to it. AMAZING.

34. "I swallowed my gum while coaching tonight. I did not like this one bit. In seven years it will be digested, I guess :)"

35. "Rush hour was shockingly slim today. I could go for this everyday since I certainly can not roll with the hardcore. Sorry I Don't Have Road Rage"

36. "I'm sorry, but I can't stand people who come late to class (which I understand) but then they insist on being so noisy while settling in! Oh, and props to the girl who sits by me in class who reads her mega huge novel during lecture. I could never to that and pass a class..."

37. "Wow we! Totally just remembered I brought fruit snacks to school! I AM SO HAPPY!"

38. "When I get compliments on my blog I get this crazy, giggily, butterflyish, bashful feeling in me - I don't even know what to do with myself."

39. "I confess...I have no strength when it comes to jelly beans."

40. "Thank you @CamMan040 for driving the family home. Thank you Mother Nature for late night thunder. Thank you Skype for 1:30am happiness." Family Easter weekend.

41. "School = massive crunch time. Digestive tract = extremely over worked. Brain = burnt out. But I am going to take this day by STORM!!" GET STUFF DONE! (I made a wall of 'to-do's' in my last week and a half.)

42. "I just saved a bug's life." I crack my bedroom window open at night while I am doing homework, but my window screen was not in my window yet. I am getting ready for bed I noticed a rather large bug on my ceiling. YIKES! BUT, I saved him in a napkin gently and get him fly, fly away outside. :)

43. "The wind is CRAZY upset today. Almost ran Pam and I off the road multiple times. Slightly scared for this weather we are supposed to have" It was scary!!

44. "Um. Funniest 5 minutes in the kitchen, EVER. We've all basically gone senile - HELP US. Never underestimate how much happiness your family can bring you! Mine is amazing." After days and days for rain, rain, rain...gloom, gloom,'s been 'blah'. But I was in the kitchen doing homework one day and Cameron came in to get some food and him and I just started to joke around about nothing. Honestly, nothing we were saying made any sense - but we were laughing so hard. Then my Mom came in and joined in. We were talking a different language, I swear, but we understood eachother and it was oddly hilarious. We chalked it up to being stuck in the house from the weather. Get us outta here! 

45. "My wake up call early this morning was: "MORGAN, THEY'RE ABOUT TO WALK DOWN THE AISLE!!" (From my Mom! Ha!) #royalwedding" Then for most of the day I was consumed by the wedding. This picture I stumbled upon later in the day and I am still dying laughing from this little girl. (P.S. Kate was BEAUTIFUL!)

46. "Late night writing."

47. "Akron MS walk!! Walk it out. Walk it out!"

48. My parents and I went out to dinner, and my mom and I were the first to get out of the car, and as we were there was this guy, I noticed, all of the sudden lingering looking at us. Not noticing my dad was with us (I think) he said: "'Is that like a beautiful woman car or something?' What? Who says that? But, now, that's the new joke. Ridiculous. 
Love always,