Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A {finals} Week in the Life of Morgan.

Shower? What's that?
Legs...are...hairy. Is that proper of me to say? I only speak the truth!
Nails bitten so low I'll be surprised if I haven't ruined them for good. 
Messy bun is permanently on top of my head. (No, wait...that's everyday. My bad.)
Room has been officially declared a hazardous zone (complete with 'DANGER No Trespassing' rope. I just don't want to be sued for someone breaking a leg, or something worse, in my room because the ground cannot be seen and you have no idea what pair of jeans or what shoe may decide to jump up and trip you). 
Poor Pam, THE Grand Am, is coming dangerously close to the same fate...hazardous zone. And she has to listen to me talk to myself quite a bit.
Peanut butter and jelly morning, noon and night. (Actually, I would like to take this time to thank my Mom for her AMAZING dinners. She is the reason I have any kind of nutrients in my body this week.)
A big thanks is in order for my whole family for putting up with me!
My mind could, hands down, beat any world record for how fast it races.
My stress and anxiety levels are, I'm sure, unchartable. 
Hand cramps and butt cramps. 
My favorite pair of jeans have been worn one too many times. 

Classmates and friends, I am sorry you've had to witness (and maybe even smell) my old hoodie that I have seemed to wear for four days straight. You'll be happy to know it is currently in the dirty clothes pile. 

Constant jittery bounce of the right leg. (CONSTANT)

I had to revert back to the good old Webster's Dictionary for the definition of sleep the other day. It is defined as follows: (noun): a condition of body and mind such as that which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended. It's funny because I started to think that it meant you sit in your bed until the early morning hours and strain your eyes by staring wide eyed at notecards, the computer screen, or a textbook while trying to jam everything into your noggin. Wow, was I wrong. 

When I actually do participate in the activity of sleep, I wake up still thinking about what I've been studying. I think it's my own weird way of performing osmosis. Whatever floats your boat, right?

The e-mail is checked no less than 10 times a day (yes, I am over exaggerating slightly). It's probably more like 9. 
Double, triple (dare I say quadruple) checking of online submissions that they were sent and received! 
I rarely blog...and this is the saddest fact of them all. 
I teach my cats what Uncertainty Reduction Theory is, what enculturation is, and rehearse a lot of really big philosophy terms that I know they were just pretending to understand what I was talking about just to help me study. (They're the best).
And every morning I pump myself up for the day ahead by going to the mirror and making "tough guy" faces. Followed by my "going insane face". 
And then I pretty much say to myself...wow, there's something is wrong with you. 
BUT, other than that...my life is fairly normal :) 

Anyways, over and out.