Monday, April 25, 2011

What I'm Thankful For:

Counting my blessings.
I'm thankful for:

My little ranch house. 
"5th house on the left with hunter green shudders"
I have told my parents before that they cannot sell it. 
It's just been our little nook forever. 
Here, it's not about the biggest/baddest/most expensive.
Here, it's all about the feeling, the art, the personality. 
Here has too many memories, too much apart of my comfort zone.
Too cozy of a room, too cute of a backyard - with those Pin Oaks alining the yard, with the deck to die for, with the garden...
My parents take so much pride in their yard after all of their hard work they put into it every summer.
With the memories of the swing set, memories of the sand box...
This little 1/2 acres lot has been my playground with my dolls, stuffed animals, friends, sidewalk chalk towns.
My bike riding, rollerblading, jump roping, hide and seek, laser tag, neighbor campground yard.
The yard that is home to Cameron's imaginary construction zone (dirt pile) work place -
(The place that made him have imaginary friends of Joe and Jack, which later made him cry to mom pleading for her to let him change his name to either 'Joe' or 'Jack'.) HAHAHAHA!
The place Katie and I used to play 'Cats and Dogs' and 'Alligator'.
The home of the 'backyard olympics'.

The second edition to the swing set being built by my Dad:

This one is funny because I am on the swing and my Mom is under the bridge to no where with little baby Cam Man:

My Dad hard at work: (circa 1993)

The first couple months of Rosie, Timmy and Tibby's life. (My little cats.)
The early years of the unfinished basement that's home to hilarious home videos.
Where we built these amazing forts from bed sheet and blankets. 
(Come to think of it - we were pretty sound engineers back in our day...)
The place where I conquered my fear of going downstairs when it was all dark and turning the lights on myself.
(My Mom used to have to go down before me to turn on the light.)
The bamboo room of Katie's. 
Home of Shark Week every summer.
The place where Santa now comes, and Cameron's room is now, and where my parent's offices are. 

The house that is always decorated for the season, always has a nice breeze flowing through.
The house that is so quant, cozy, comfortable, safe.
The house that I used to take baths in just to play with my Barbies.
The place where Aunt Erin let Katie and I eat M&M's in the living room.
The place where Cameron and I used to play with Matchbox cars, all day long. 
The one that smells of amazing candles, always has dinner on the table, always has love to give. 

And while this is hardly skimming the surface, this is my home sweet home.
I am so blessed to have been able to grow up in it and hold the memories I do in it.
Love always,