Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Friends Volunteering Day 2 & 3

On our second day volunteering - I went to volunteer at Piggy Paradise in the morning, and Horse Haven in the afternoon.
My Aunt went back to be with the pups in Dog Town.

Piggy Paradise is just that - a paradise. I loved every second of it. I prepared the meals for all 19 pot belly pigs, fed them, cleaned their yards, groomed and got to walk a few of them. 

{Below} When you take a pig on a walk, they don't need a leash. They just need small treats thrown in front of them a ways to chase after. It was such a funny and awesome thing I got to do. Pigs are some of my favorite animals, and, contrary to what you may think - they are very smart and clean animals. 

This is Hogan, the pig I was asked to socialize with. When you socialize with a pig, they want you to just give them love and contact - so they can get used to being groomed, having hands on them, and a having their belly rubbed (for when they get adopted). I wanted to scoop Hogan up and take him home. This is him roughly 15 minutes into his sun bathed belly rub. He was out for the count - LOVED IT!

My afternoon in Horse Haven was a real treat too. We drove out to the various pastures in the canyon from a 4-wheeler type thing. We mucked, groomed, refilled water bins and learned a lot about the various horses and their stories. A lot of the horses have serious medical issues, and for that, Best Friends is their forever home. But these horses live the good life. Most pastures (not pictured in any below) are in the wide open - it's so beautiful. 

Another VERY cool thing that I got to take part in is the witness of the rehabilitation barn. They have about 8 horses in this barn that have hoof or leg problems. The floor of the barn is covered in shredded recycled soles of old tennis shoes, so it's very supportive. A main reason we had to stop was because there was talk of one of the horses just recently hurting its front cannon bone - which it indeed was all scrapped up. So I got to hear some very cool medical talk.
This is Clyde (my favorite).

And these are more pictures from my Aunt and her dogs she cared for during her day in DogTown. 

Our last morning volunteering, we both went back to DogTown (saving Cat World, the birds, rabbits, wild animals, etc, for our next trip out). 
This is Avril, the sweet girl ever. I loved her A LOT!
She was found (in another state) on the side of the road with her two sides severely beaten from a group of boys who repeatedly hit her so hard on her rib cage (both sides - you can see it's still healing).
The beautiful German Shepard

POPEYE!!! MY BOY!!! I couldn't get enough of him!
And Gepetto:
Magical, magical times.
Love always,