Monday, June 13, 2011

Best Friends Volunteering Day 1

Day 1 consisted of: Dogtown
Puppy Class, Dog walking/feeding, Shy Dog Class, going on a dog outing and then a dog overnight.

The Puppy class was too cute! We helped the trainer train some of the puppies they have, and it really was a great learning experience for us!
We worked on sitting, laying, obeying, playing, working with a collar and leash, then introducing them to household noises and 'things' like a doorbell, a fan, a wheelchair, TV, going in and out of a cage, a hair dryer, etc. This was all done to get them used to everything they might encounter and then some when they get adopted and to help make them be the best dog they can be. Like I said, it's really fantastic what they are doing here.

Next, we walked a few dogs (or they walked us), and helped with feeding.
The trails in the mountains that you take the dogs on is a real treat for even humans because, well, it's gorgeous out there. 

Then we were asked to take Sky Blue to the Shy Dog Class.
The Shy Dog Class is where some dogs on the sanctuary come to mingle with one another and humans to help them break out of their shy shell. Sometimes these dogs are just born shy - other times they are reserved and afraid because of issues that have happened in their lives. 
(There was one dog in the class from Hurricane Katrina)  
We all just sat around the outer part of the circle with tons of treats in our hands. 
 This is also where I met my favorite boy - Popeye...

After lunch (our view from lunch) - 
- we took a dog on an 'outing'.
This is Felix.
An outing is basically something else they do where they have volunteers take a dog for a few hours off the sanctuary, back into the main area of Kanab.
We took him on a long walk around town and then into a smoothie shop. The idea behind this is to get the dogs used to the real world - trucks, other people, scary sounds, other dogs, cars, the scenery, etc. 
Aside from running into a semi creepy dude, big Rottweilers almost attacking my Aunt, and having Felix not be leash trained, it was a good outing!

Lastly, we come to Willard - our dog we took on an overnight. 
First we went to check out Zion National Park with him - but it was cold and rainy - so we didn't stay long (and I didn't get any good pictures at the time).
When we were driving (anywhere) with Willy, we found out REALLY QUICKLY that he is NOT a backseat dog. 
In fact - he will stop it nothing until he is in the front seat on your lap. 
Once we gave in, he was the best traveler ever...and a cute one

When we got back to our hotel, and were pooped from the whole day - we just laid low...or tried to anyway.
It was hard when you were babysitting and spending time with a dog that was a ball of energy and all he wanted was to play and be loved. 
It was an interesting night to say the least.
Here is his cute overnight bag that the sanctuary equipped you with:
toys, a blanket, treats, water bowl, and - of course - carpet stain remover in case an accident should occur. 
We ran into issues of Willard with bad gas, random acts of humping (which we laughed so hard at that we couldn't breathe), and just being semi out of control.
All in all, however, it was a really fun/funny experience. Love that Willy boy!
They let volunteers do this over night, again, to help these dogs get used to a home life. Plus, it is for their health and enjoyment to get out of their runs and be in the hands of people who just want to love them. 
Love always,