Thursday, June 2, 2011

Class of 2011

Baby Brother graduated! 
Part of Memorial Day weekend was spent celebrating Cameron's graduation from the big 'ole high school.
It was so special, and a really wonderful time with family. 

First of all, you KNOW it's a special occasion around the O'Rourke household when my Mom buys strudel and doughnuts for breakfast. So, right off the bat - it was a great morning. Add in BEAUTIFUL weather (which we are NOT allowed to complain about how hot it is because...well...we complained all winter about how cold it was!) But the weather was just amazing. 
We then scrambled to get ready (correction, I did), Sissy came home, and we took a million and two pictures on the deck.

Daddy-O and CJO:
Eeekk, my Baby BroBro:
My rockstar sibs:
 And the rockstar trio:

Then I got the awesome idea to do a shades shot, so Elaina joined:

After a long process of getting to the school early, waiting FOREVER for the doors to open (my Dad and I cheated and sat in the air conditioned car), sitting and waiting for the ceremony to start, me having to massage Katie's neck because she pulled it that morning, and the 2-hour ceremony itself (I'll just say that all took about 4.5 hours) CAMERON WAS FINALLY GRADUATED!
 And we swarmed him!
My crazy cool family:
And my crazy cool parents with their 'little' guy:
Grammie and Papa:
 Roomies for the fall:

And I would just like to add - I think he pulled the cap and gown off very well. 
I know I didn't! Those hats are so funky!

And I can never get enough of her:

Also, I HAVE to add this because it was VERY funny at the time.
My Dad, being the funny guy he is, kept track of all who cheered for the graduates walking across the stage - when they were specifically asked not to, and to hold it all until the end. Hahaha - guess you had to be there. 

Love always,