Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bliss Loves,

You all warm my heart and soul with your comments/compliments you send my way. 
I sincerely want you to know that I get goosebumps, butterflies and giggly when I read them.

Aside from my deep desire to keep my creative juices flowing, and my life nothing short of exhilarating - I hope my blog helps you more than imaginable. 
With that said, I know sometimes I get down and what seems to be out. 
I know some pass along their well wishes and support - and I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for that, too.

Please know that I write all that I do because it helps me sort/organize/re-focus/move on. 
If I don't write to release my thoughts, I promise you, I will go insane. 
Perhaps my mind 'dump' will help you in some way too?

I've just been learning, as I've been growing, that I cannot keep certain things inside of me. 
It's extremely unhealthy for me. 
I used to try to keep my emotions, feelings, anger and sadness built up inside of me until I would explode.
When that happened, well...for one you did not want to be in the vicinity and, two, at that point nothing got solved, or was so far past the point of surviving.
I would just let things eat away at me, fester, deteriorate in my mind, ever so quietly, like some sort of undetectable mental illness.

Awhile back I read: "You'll never leave where you are until you decide where you'd rather be."
Part of my writings is to get to that next place. Where I need to be - where I want to be. 
You've got to think, explore, sit with yourself, ask yourself tough questions, believe and get to the next part of you. 
So, in my wordy, 'round about way, please know that what I write - good or bad - is a release for nothing but the better.

Have a fabulous Monday. Rock on!
P.S. Utah Adventures (FINALLY) coming this week.
Along with this rocking weekend I just had (AKA Baby BroBro graduating/family galore)
Love always,