Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Funnies

Memorial Day Weekend was...funny, and fun - to say the least. 
Cam graduated, so that was the big event. 
But a lot of family was in, so that was a big deal as well. 
We ate out, cooked out, bonfired out (3-times!), hung out, laughed out, and chilled out.

Some funnies that I wanted to make sure that I remembered were:

Being with my family, above all. 

Our Walmart run for propane for the bonfire. 
It turns out that a family trip to Walmart can be quiet the giggle. 
10 minutes later you've seen your high school principal, looking for Dad around the store (who strayed when told not to), Cameron dodging people, and you're checking out with more than you came in for: marshmallows, water, deodorant, and the trusty 'ole Advil (because as Mom said: it would be a tragedy if someone got a headache this weekend!)

Icecream sandwiches. 

Peggy laughs

Cameron driving the family, in style. 

Food like you would not believe. Day after day after day. 

Family talks around the fire, three nights in a row. 
(Drying the wood during the day, of course)

The beautiful weather. 

Silly sunburns.

 Her first smore, EVER!
Being with the Beebe's 
Love always,