Monday, June 6, 2011

My dear Melissa, goodbye for now...

Have you ever moved?
If you count moving in and out of dorm rooms (pain in the neck) then I've moved several times.
But I am talking really moving. Like moving your WHOLE life. 

I haven't.
But, this past weekend we packed Melissa from her first apartment of two and a half years to move to Charleston, South Carolina. 

Before that, a few weeks ago, we had a mini goodbye mexican style lunch for her.

Then, this past Saturday we packed her up!
It was hot (like really hot) day. Cleveland hit a record of 93 degrees. 

After a minor (OK, quite large) mishap with the rental truck (AKA never getting one that she reserved. It was a HUGE issue Melissa ran into), she went to plan B and got a U-Haul. 
So with her mom, dad, Cory and I on hand, the packing began...

Cory was SO excited to put the FIRST bin on the truck.
So as I was saying, I've never moved before. 
I wasn't able to help my sister move when she moved away a few years ago.

I thought, blindly, that it would be as painful as a dorm room...but I was SADLY mistaken.
It was A LOT of work.
Melissa was very stressed for the majority of the beginning of the day due to the rental truck mishap/moving 700+ miles away/"how the heck am I going to fit my entire life into the back of a U-Haul?!"
But, wouldn't you know, we all made it happen. (More so Cory and his dad for their truck packing abilities).
Unpacking, (sorry Melissa) I have to say -- I am just going to wish her the best of luck!
But she'll do just fine!
All in all too, it was a pretty fun day.

We took a break to get something in our bodies around 4:00 - at which time more than half of her stuff was in the truck.
So we sat on our bottoms, huddled around her coffee table and ate some pizzzaaaaa.

And then there was the debate of "this bike is going to be tricky..."
And then there was the..."think we can squeeze this box spring in somewhere?!"
Answer was it will not be making the trip.
Melissa, however, is not upset in the slightest.
So this morning, before the clock even hit 7:00 - my dear Melissa was on her way to the sunny south with her whole life packed in the back of this snake covered U-Haul.
I couldn't be more happy/excited for her.
She is going to open a new happy chapter in her life - and she deserves that, only the best!
Plus, she is going to live right by a beach!! (Can't wait to visit!)

But Melissa, just know - you will be missed dearly!!
I love you!!!!