Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby Brother is the NEW big man on campus.

The back of the trailblazer with hardly anything in it.
And Katie doing...nothing...
Cameron highly stressed and unamused...

So Katie, Elaina, Cory and I went to sit outside the dorm under a tree for about an hour to stay out of the way once all was moved in.

And some laughs were needed.
"We're the two best friends that anyone could have..."

After all was moved in, dorm was situated, football family picnic was done - the goodbyes started...

{I wrote this the night we got back from moving Cam-J in}

Dear Cam,
Today you moved into college. 
I know, weird...right? Well, it is for me - and everyone else I think. You may have been counting the seconds down until you hit the concrete of the campus - and rightfully so. It's an overwhelming, exciting time that you should have been looking forward to.
While you must admit the day had more rough parts than easy, we all made it through. Do you realize it literally took us about 15 minutes to move you in? That has to be a world record or something. Yes, I know you're a man who like to own the bare minimum - but your tried and true army of me, Mom, Dad, Cory, Katie and Elaina only had to take about 2 loads each...

...after finally finding the door that was unlocked to get into the dorm...and while trying to slide around the cleaning ladies...
(Note to whomever: don't clean in the middle of the dorm hallway while football players and their families are trying to move in...and, oh yeah - mini hand held dirt devils don't work - and is sweeping the carpet with a broom really necessary? Just wondering...)

I hope you like your new room, football already, the campus - I hope you love your new home - your new life chapter.

We (speaking for the whole family) miss you like crazy already.
But we're so proud of you! So happy for you - so excited for you.

Driving home, we were all feeling a little like what just happened was so surreal. 'Little' Cam is in college now?
It's weird you're not down in your room, not here to joke with, to hang out with.
You're not downstairs watching your History Channel - your Ancient Aliens, your American Pickers...
You're not here at all. 

Tonight at dinner with Grammie and Papa, we were dying laughing reminiscing on the day.
It sure was a day...glad you kept the fridge ;)

Later tonight, Cory saw your senior picture downstairs and he goes, "I miss the little guy..." with such a sad tone.
I have to admit, this is the first event in my life that made me feel 'older'. It was like everything was really sinking in - we're all moving on to the next chapters of our lives - this is all really happening right now. Life is following, and so great.
This is a huge month for the O'Rourke clam - and this month should be titled for a life lesson: The only thing constant in life is change. It's inevitable. 

I love you buddy! We LOVE YOU!

Can't wait to see you grow, succeed, accomplish amazing heights, learn about life, people and yourself
Learn about yourself as a football player, as a friend, as a teammate, as a person.

I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures, your excitement, your stumbles, your falls, and, most importantly, your comebacks. 
Can't wait to see you soon - from all of us back home:
We love you!!!

(P.S. I used your car tonight - and put gas in it - thought you'd be pumped, ha!)

And then Cam ran away to his meeting...bittersweet.
Love always,