Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert

A week ago, my friend JB and I ventured into Cleveland with our dresses on, my boots on, and after some dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe downtown, to see one of our favorite person ever - Taylor Swift!
We'd been waiting for months for this night to hit, and it did not disappoint! 
JB also did not disappoint - scoring amazing tickets. Our seats, I swear, were the best seats in the house. 

While they were not "completely front and center", they were front row in the back of the bowl of the arena. 
So, clear and wonderful view of her main stage and COMPLETELY front and center when she ventured to her back satellite stage.
Concerts alone, I love.
But Taylor's concerts are way more than just singing into a microphone. 
They are phenomenal productions that have you standing and belting lyrics while you're so inspired and in love with the feel of the music and the performance in front of you. 

That's what I love most about music, and specifically Taylor Swift's music - how real the songs are and how amazing the feeling is.
The opening acts of Hunter Hayes and NeedToBreathe were awesome, too! 
When she made her way back to the satellite stage, she was SO close...
When in bad traffic trying to get home, we saw her semi trucks and tour buses...p-r-o-d-u-c-t-i-o-n. 
So amazing.
Love always,