Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Silly Goose Business

1. Sissy and James skyping      2. Poster at Tower City that I loved.
3. Red Pepper flakes Giovanni's let us borrow    4. Cory passed out on the car ride home from Cumberland. Sleeping beauty he is.

5. Mamma and I, Easter Weekend     6. Sissy and I, Christmas
7. Cory mid-workout    8. Sissy and I rocking out.

5. On a field trip to B.A. Sweetie, Cory wanted to be a unicorn    6. (hard to see) Tim and White Sox and I cuddle, a lot.
7. Cam and baby Tibby   8. Tibby Anna

9. Cory, My Lissa and myself {take 1}   10. Cory, My Lissa and myself {take 2}.
11. Cory, My Lissa and myself {take 3}   12. Love All Serve All (or, as Cory likes to say: Loveallsevall)

13. My parents on the deck at 9:00 at night, talking...under rainbow umbrellas.   14.MUAH!
15. Puss asking for no lights and 5 more minutes of sleep, PLEASE!     16. Hot Pink Nails!

17. Little Cor Cor snoozin' away     18. Alpha Phi Omega!!
19. Sissy and Mom working on Katie's portfolio - I think it's the start of it all! (We'll look back and say, remember when!?)      20. My families most recent trip to the local Circle K, at 11:45 at night, after a great dinner out. Random checkout. 

Love always,