Monday, September 12, 2011

An Indians Summer

We attempted four games and saw three. And, oh yeah, LOVED IT!
A Cleveland Indians Summer.

Game One

Game Two    White Sox
...we always get there really early to, you know, watch batting practice and become experts on the field lining. 
Oh my Heavens! There was a squirrel at the VERY top of the stadium so, so scared! I was beyond upset for this little guy. He kept looking over the ledge to the corner of Carnegie and Ontario Streets! Once more people filled the stadium, he ran from hiding place to hiding place. Eventually, he made a giant leap for it down the crowd - jumping through people sitting and freaking many, many people out (one girl screamed bloody murder, and one man was highly caught off guard). I don't know whatever happened to the little guy...I just hoped he made it somewhere safe.
The major storm came...(over looking Carnegie and Ontario to the highways from the top of the stadium).
And rained out not only the game, but the Lifehouse concert...SO UPSETTING...
BUT! All was not lost! While we were waiting out the rain delay for hours in the stadium - they had a thing where you could text the jumbotron and perhaps your text may show up...MINE DID!!! And Cory's name was on the big screen!!
PLUS, we decided to get some cookie dough, Cory some pop, and go home to watch some True Blood. 
All in all, fantastic night. 

Game Three    Los Angeles Angels (our exchange for the rain out - how perfect?!)
I said Onion would win in the hot dog race...and she most certainly did! 

Game Four    Kansas City Royals 
The white out from the signs was amazing when he came up to bat!
And fireworks to Country's Top 40!
Love always,