Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long Lost Loves REUNITE!

I went to Columbus to see my loves, OU Gymnastics, compete at the OSU Buckeye Blast Meet Saturday.
AH - it was so amazing.

Yes, the gymnastics meet aspect was pretty fun and exciting and stellar...
But I was beyond excited to see these girls below:
Tiffany, Kristy, Kristin, Heather and Erin.
(Below: Us past GymCats)
I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not to go into too much of a somber subject, but my freshman year in college was a rough one. 
OU was not the school for me by any means, and I knew it the day my parents moved me in.
(As we were about to get off the highway and drive on campus, my Dad said: "Well Morg, welcome to your new home!"...I could have died. I was so sad, so uneasy...so lost and homesick already.)
But, I tried to make the most of it.
At our first gymnastics meeting, I remember thinking, "it's not so bad...", and I found my silver lining.

I swear, the OU gymnastics team, mainly these girls in this post, saved me my freshman year in college.
If nothing else, I was meant to go to OU to meet these ladies because we will be forever friends. 

This is Heather Smith, my favorite! I owe so much to her. She is such a beautiful person who has touched my life in so many wonderful ways.

This is my other favorite, Kristy. I cannot get enough of her!
After the meet we went to a Pizza Pub, my car window broke and then we went dancing. It was amazing.
We saw an old woman wearing a red dress she shouldn't have, Heather almost fight a lady, we got IDed three times, Jared's car door flew open, we danced the night away, and then we made macaroni and cheese at 1:00 in the morning.
Love always,