Monday, January 31, 2011

Tweeter, Tweeter Pumpkin Eater

I am a new Tweeter!
I got a Twitter account at the beginning of the month - and it's fun!
Mostly I like it because it's another place I find inspiration and laughs...
but mostly I like it so I can document moments I want to remember right away.
I am going to do a month recap in regards from my tweets.

January 2011

1. I dog sat for a week this month and had to stay in the young daughter's room at the house. It was so pink, and so girly and "Staying in the youngest daughters room at the place I'm dog sitting really reminds me of how much I was just like her when I was six." I enjoyed it. Stuffed animals, dolls, gymnastics medals, snow globes and glittery collectable rocks. 

2. I got skype, and Cory and I skype all the time. We love it and it makes things so much better. "Skyping with @ is my FAVORITE THING TO DO! (And it will be until around...oh...May-ish!)"

3. In one of our million random talks, "I just learned a lot about fresh vs. frozen veggies from my love, @. What a smart little nugget I have :)" Frozen, from a timeline point of view, is better for you!

4. And we play online games together a lot! Checkers is the favorite...and when one is about to turn to a King we play the Lion King song: "Oh I just can't WAIT to be KING!"....wah, wah, wah, wah, wah!" (With an addition of Cory's new favorite laugh.)

5. And, on another random night: "Apparently it's show and tell tonight on Skype guessed it... @...giggles." (He was showing me the most random stuff around his room for the fun of it.)

6. At work, my little gymnasts are always so in love with my messy bun I always wear on top of my head. They always beg for me to teach them how to do it. I, obviously, cannot since I am coaching. But it was funny because they were trying to do it themselves one night. "My little gymnasts love how I always do my hair and they're trying to copy me. Darlings."

7. A shout out from Cory that made me so happy: "@  you are you!"

8. It's January, and campus is freezing. "Oh dear Akron, you are so cold today and make my nose so red. Don't worry, I still love you."

9. Going to class I saw what never fails to make me so at peace: "I will forever love seeing people walk hand in hand or arm and arm, smiling. It makes me so happy."

10. Melissa and I have a Mexican lunch: "Mexican food, tears and smiles - Love you Liss."

11. Joining the National Service Fraternity: "JOINING ALPHA PHI OMEGA! :) "

12. I went out to my car after being on campus for 12 hours on a Thursday, and it had been snowing all day. I was brushing the snow off of my car and an old man came over and started to wipe the snow off of my head lights with his gloves! I was so surprised. He said he wanted me to be able to see and to drive safe..."This old man just helped me wipe the snow off my car because he wanted me to drive safe. The world needs more people like that. What a wonderful act out of no where :)"

13. I went to Columbus to see my long lost loves: gymnastics, Heather Smith, Kristy Aingworth, Erin English and Kristin Nieto: "OU Gymnastics Meet! Then a slumber party with my lovers. I cannot express to you how amazing my night was. These girls are the best and I am so blessed to know them." It was amazing.

14. And my poor car window...(long story, perhaps another day): "It's official. My passenger side window is donezo. But Heather and I don't sweat the small stuff :) xo"

15. And I got a surprise in the mail: "( @ ) Did a customizable calendar I got in the mail by surprise just make my entire life? Why yes, yes it did."
Love always,