Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dixie National Forest and Bryce Canyon

After we did our Best Friends/Angel Canyon tour and volunteer orientation - we drove over an hour north to see Bryce Canyon and were surprised to first drive through Dixie National Forest. Before both of those - we saw a rainbow. My aunt and I always see rainbows! We like to think of it as a sign of pure know!

I do have a disclaimer, though.
These pictures do not even come close to scrapping the surface when it comes to giving these natural beauties justice. 
It just keeps going far past what the eye can see.
They are bigger (much) and more magnificent than you can imagine. 
You have to see them for yourself. In real life, I promise you - your breath will be taken away. 
So just keep that in mind, these places are a million more times beautiful in real life. 
With that being said, no words can describe - so here are the beauties:
The natural arch, my favorite!
Love always,