Saturday, June 11, 2011

Utah. We're HERE!

Once we woke up from our star struck night - we set sail for UTAH.
Driving from Flagstaff Arizona to Kanab Utah was breathtaking. 
Seriously. I felt like I was on another planet. Can I live here, please? 
Still to this day I can't get over it. 
And, as things usually go with us - something always (whether small of big) has to go slightly out of the plans.
This time it was the fact that we forgot that Flagstaff and Kanab were NOT in the same time zone. We HAD to be at Best friends by 1:00, and thought we were doing GREAT with time...but Kanab is on mountain time, and that means an hour ahead of Flagstaff. 
Once we realized we were indeed BEHIND...we stepped on it.
But wouldn't you know it, we made it with three minutes to spare!!
We HAD to be there on time because we had our tour we needed to go on, and then our volunteer orientation. 
Once we got there we got right on the sanctuary tour vans and drove around the canyon to see the absolutely magnificent place and where we would be volunteering.
This place, I have sworn before, can heal the soul.
Not only is it in Southern Utah, the most beautiful place I've seen on Earth, but what they are doing at Best Friends is amazing.
Their mission is working towards a day where there will be no more homeless pets.
They take in animals with behavior issues, health issues, animals from abusive and hording situations...
And animals from severe disasters: Hurricane Katrina, Michael Vick's dogs...
And they adopt them out. 
Before anyone can adopt, however, there are home checks and a process to go through to make sure these animals are going to a wonderful home.
Some animals have to live the rest of their lives at Best Friends because they are too sick, or what have you.
But at Best Friends is the best place for them. They'll live out a truly wonderful life with the care from Best Friends staff. 
How Ironic is it that the cat area on the sanctuary is named: Morgain's Place?
And the animal cemetery gave me the chills. So amazing...
Best Friends is located in Angel Canyon
It sits on 3700 acres! 
On any given day there are over 2,000 animals on site. 
These animals include dogs, cats, horses, pigs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and much more - including wild animals they rehab. 
My Aunt and I had one of the most rewarding times of our lives volunteering here. 
More adventures to post.

Love always,