Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Stop, Arizona.

The day after my last exam was over from spring semester I set sail for a week of pure adventure.
My Aunt and I love the furry walks of life -- and we've been talking about going to Utah to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society. 
She is from Seattle (our adventures from Seattle can be found here, here, here, here, and here) so we met in Phoenix, AZ. 
After I (yet again, for like the millionth time) over slept several of my alarms, I got ready in near record time to make my flight in Cleveland.
My flights were not non-stop. So I had a LONG day of flying (6.5 hours basically).
But once I went from Cleveland to Charlotte, NC - I was headed to Phoenix where I met my Aunt to then fly to Flagstaff, AZ. 

I have to admit, seeing my Aunt once I stepped off the plain in Phoenix really brought my spirits up. I should have been on cloud nine all morning and afternoon before that, but several unfortunate events happened to me between 5:30 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon (1:00 AZ time).
As you know, I over slept -- meaning I looked quite disheveled. Second, I had no time to get any food, so I had M&M's for breakfast -- and then didn't get a chance to eat for another 7 hours. So, I guess you could say I was disheveled and withering away to nothing. Thirdly, and the worst of them all -- I got the airplane bathroom door opened up on my from my flight to Phoenix from Charlotte...
Let me digress. I had just woke up from about a 30 minute cat nap on the plane. My neck hurt like no other from how awkward I was sitting/sleeping. I was very out of it...disheveled and withering away to nothing from starvation. OK, got ALL that? So my baby bladder said, "Since you're sitting in the middle seat on the plane, I am going to make you inconvenience the old man next to you to get up and go to the bathroom." I got up and wandered all the way to the back of the plane, stood in line for the bathroom -- and then finally got a chance to relieve my screaming bladder. 

Guess what. I didn't lock the door. About a minute into my restroom trip, the bathroom door starts to open. Who is it? An older man who realized that - oh snap, SOMEONE IS IN HERE! And proceeded to let out a mini "Ahh! (Hands waving) Oh I am so sorry!"...No, sir. I am the one who is sorry...then I walked back to my seat like a scared, embarrassed cat with my tail in between my legs. Terrible experience.

BUT, then my world did a 180 once Phoenix came along. As we were boarding our plane to Flagstaff, my Aunt was briefing me on how tiny this plane was going to be. Once I saw the plane, I noticed it is the exact ones I fly when I go and see Cory, so no biggie. As I am getting on the plane, now over heating because Phoenix, I did a TRIPLE TAKE at the person sitting in the aisle seat in the second row. 

Mike Posner! WHAT?!
When my third take rolled around, we make eye contact. 
Me, being me, and the over excited person I tend to be was completely star struck.
Was this for real?! So with my wide eyes and jaw on the floor I involuntarily let out a "HI!!!!!"
He simply looked at me and said with a straight face, "what's up."

Meanwhile, I am looking back at my Aunt every second with the look of complete amazement and excitement. 
I found out later she had no idea what was going on and actually thought I was going to get sick from how small the plane was. Since I was not moving in the aisle of the plane and people were indeed still boarding, my Aunt said pointing, "We're in row 7..." Meaning, um, move!

Once got to my seat, I was freaking out. Blabbing my mouth to my Aunt telling her who the heck he was!
Then, for our short 30 minute flight to Flagstaff, I was planning my lightening fast escape off the plane to catch up to him because I would never be able to forgive myself for not getting an autograph...or picture with him.
Turns out that small airports are the coolest thing ever -- AKA -- no one is ever in your way and the wait time is ZIP!
So I am going to tell you the next part to this story, but you have to promise not to judge me.

My Aunt told me to just go, and get off the plane to catch up to him and that she would get my gate checked bag. So before we were allowed off the plane, I got a pen, piece of paper and my camera ready! They (him and his band) were the first ones off the plane, and I was nearly last - I had some ground to make up. I didn't want to look like a complete weirdo, but I did power walk into baggage claim. Once I turned the corner I was quickly halted. There they were, just chilling by baggage claim with no one else around. So, I put my pen, paper and camera in my bag because I didn't want to look like a COMPLETE nut case. So I walked slowly over to the seating and stood there waiting for my Aunt's bag (even though I had NO idea what her bag even looked like ) -- hey, I needed to look busy people! Once I mustered enough courage, I looked at him, noticing he was looking at me. So I got my big girl pants on and walked over to him. I simply said I would regret not saying hi, and asked if I could get his autograph. His band mates, struck up a conversation quickly with the "where are you from", "that's so cool you came over to see us"..."what are you doing tonight?" and they're the reason I have a picture with Mike (below. I wish I didn't look like I was just flying Then I told them all to get together for a band shot (above).
My autograph!

After my heart rate started to trickle back to semi normal-ness, we got our sweet rental car ride and were on our way to meet up with my beautiful cousin for the night. She just recently graduated from Northern Arizona University - and can I just say - the campus was AMAZING. Going to school with beautiful scenery all around you...and MOUNTAINS! Dreamy!
(Our ride)

For the rest of the evening, we grabbed some food (the pizza had roughly 7 cheeses on it! HEAVEN!), had Kailey open up her Pandora graduation present, and then...

Remember when Mike Posner asked my aunt and I what we were doing tonight while at baggage claim?
Well, we were put on his "VIP" list for free tickets to his show that night in Flagstaff. 
I was ELATED!!!!!!!
Once I picked them up at will call, I found out just where these tickets were seating us...
FRONT ROW BABY!!! And we were THE only ones seated in the front row!!!!!!
Can you believe it?!
Just waiting for the show to start in front row, while everyone else was like..."who are these people?!"
Aunt, cousin and Kailey's boyfriend, Brendan. 
The show was just phenomenal. 
I have to tell you, though, when the lights went down to signal the start of the show - girls SWARMED the front row. 
I was highly annoyed by how much elbow jabbing I got by the girl next to me the whole show. 
Please remember your manners, would you?

Some funnies (extreme funnies) from the concert include: 
1. My aunt totally getting jiggy with a million college girls to Mike Posner songs. SHE.IS.A.TROOPER!!!
2. Mike jumping down from the stage to give a hug to a few in the front row, while taking off his shirt. 
Who was first in line to receive it the hug? 
My aunt!
Who did she push in front of her with lightening fast speeds before I knew what was going on? Me.
He also gave out his crazy sweaty shirt, which I had in the palms of my hands for literally .5 seconds until that elbow girl with no manners came in and swooped it away from me. First the elbows, now the stealing.
It's OK though, sweaty shirts aren't my 'thang.

3. My aunt told the other girls next to us that she was Mike's aunt, and I was his cousin. These people fell for is so hard - it was all I could do to keep a semi straight face.

We then closed out the night before our big week of volunteering in Utah breaking it down in the elevator. 
Ah, the memories.
Love always,