Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's not goodbye, it's see ya later!

It's officially been a week since Sissy flew the coop. 
Starting her own new adventure in life - she moved to London to be with her love, James. 

Still being a fashion designer, she left Abercrombie and Fitch where she previously designed to start a new design job in London. 
...AKA, rockstar status.

Before her big flight, her best friends and her went to NYC for the weekend for one last hoorah.

Our farewell backyard pictures were labeled: it's not goodbye, it's see you later!
When Katie was all packed, and after almost falling over due to the weight of her luggage - her loves arrived to pick her up. 

Dad, the official packer.
Sissy truly has some of the most amazing friends anyone could ask for. 
NYC BOUND! (Katie's actually saying: LONDON!)
Bye for now...
And away they was a heartbreaker. 
Dear Sissy,

I know you were worried about coming home to live for three weeks while you prepared to move to London - but it wasn't so bad, was it?
Yes, it wasn't your own place - and you've been out of the house for seven years now, and yes there were little 'rules' here...but I think it was kind of awesome.
Honestly, I felt like we never even grew up and were still the little kids who ran around the house all day with scraggly bed head while Mom hushed us while she was trying to talk on the phone or something. Ha!

It was really fun to have the five of us living under one roof again, if only for a short, short while. 
It was really nice knowing you were going to be home when I got home from work - and not just on the phone, or Skype. 
It was really wonderful just being 'us' and always talking, laughing and hanging out. 

I know you were counting down the seconds until that plane took off for your new life over seas, but just know that Seville was beside itself to have you back home. 

Now that Cam is gone, and now you're gone...I'm just keepin' it real here with Ma and Pa. 
The terrific trio, you know.
We miss you ever so much.

I told myself that I was NOT going to get sad when we were saying our goodbyes because it was a happy, exciting time, and I am sorry I did. 
Just after seeing Mom say goodbye, and then was an involuntary slap of reality that I will not be seeing you for several, several months...actually, who really even knows.

But I just want you to know that I couldn't admire anyone more than you. I don't really know if London is ready for you, but who really ever is? Can't wait to see you take it by storm. Give James all my love and tell him Morgan Freeman says hello.

Oh, and we HAVE A WEDDING TO PLAN, Miss Maid of Honor! HOORAH!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Missing you, always. xo
Belly bops for life.
Love always,