Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tweeter, Tweeter Pumpkin Eater

July 2011
{My Twitter}

1. "I need excitement management :)" I DO! I get so excited about so much and I feel like I can just burst of pure crazy happiness. I don't know how to control it.

2. "@Camm_Mann I LOVE you and your 'get out of the house trips' with a sweet return of a polar pop :)" Cam had been in the house for over a day without stepping foot outside, and when he came upstairs to tell me this he goes, "I just need to get out of this house. I am going on a "get out of the house" car ride. He returned about 30 minutes later with two polar pops. One for him, one for me. He really is the best brother ever...and I love him to death.

3. "These outside naps are kinda, sorta, absolutely rocking my world :)" For awhile there I would come home from school, internship, coaching - what have you - and take a blanket and take naps in my backyard under the trees...they were amazing.

4. "Well that was kinda one of the biggest freak outs, ever. Wind, you're crazy." Long story short: Everyone was fast asleep in my house...and I was awake in my room. Then my lights flickered twice. Freaky? Then two minutes later I hear a crash on our roof. Yep - time to officially freak out at midnight. I go in my parents room like I am 5 and just had a nightmare. So Superhero Mom gets up and looks outside. Turns out we were having CRAZY winds, and our patio umbrella flew from the backyard, over our roof and landed in our front yard...unscratched may I add...still freaky. (And Mom, I still can't believe you locked me outside...) This is her post-freak out fixing the blinds. 

5. "I just erased all of my alarms off my phone. This feels so good. Here is to working toward feeling better. First stop: sleep." I had a headache for weeks.

6. "Smoothies with JB! So excited!!"

7. "Family yard work afternoon :)" TEAM LIST!! HA!

8. "Happy 4th!" {Post here}

9. "Naps under trees are nice." Still napping outside. Still trying to feel better.

10. "Allergies make even the healthiest of people feel bad..." And the verdict is in. I officially have allergies. 

11. "My parents certainly know the way to my heart...popsicles. YES :)"

12. "I feel like I have the same goal all new parents have for their baby, but only for myself: sleep through the night without waking up...sigh."

13. "Rental car = an Audi A4...but it's...oh, what are the words...a piece of crap? HA! But hey, it got us from point A to B and back, all we ask, I guess." The car had no locks, no window control, AC was on full blast (and there was no other option), the drive was a jerky one...and the car was just over all sketchy. But, one funny adventure. 

14. "I kid you not a centipede just crawled from a pillow to my hair. NO idea how it got on the couch. Fear not, I appropriately freaked out ALOT!" I know this doesn't make sense...but it was an appropriate moment to: Ahhhhh, freak out!

15. "You're down, you're up. You're up, you're down." This is the saying my Dad tells my Mom because she cannot sit still or in one place all. 

16. "Pulp Smoothies!!!"

17. "Home from Cumberland!!" And the drying out process begins.

18. "I need to muster enough courage to shave these crazy burnt, hairy's going to hurt."

19. "USA. USA. USA. USA. USA!" Happy about Japan's victory, and their story leading up to the World Cup...but still wanted my girls to WIN the World Cup.

20. "Job hunting...resume updating...nerve racking...slightly annoying..."

21. "'tis the season for juicy red tomatoes, fa la la la la, la la la la."

22. "After the rain is the best."

23. "Timmy, my Dad and I just skyped with my sista and we loved it :)"

24. "I sometimes catch myself starring out my office window at the heavy Akron traffic below wondering where they're going, who they are, hoping they're happy."

25. " is hot. My car almost killed me with how hot it was inside. Yes, overexaggerate but it is BAD. #WidowsdownairrollinghereIgohome"

26. "The official bungalow hunt started tonight. Official." LA Bound, baby.

27. "Note to self: Paris to China to Colorado."

28. "Hate when the toothpaste falls off my toothbrush..."

29. "Truth: if you're going to original you can count on being copied."

30. "Here's to happiness: letting people 'in' during heavy traffic :) love doing that!"

31. "One of my favorite sections at Barnes and Noble: travel!"

32. "Sheetz MTO burritos rock my world!"

33. "We drive around with the windows down in this 2:30 am heat. 91 degrees still. I could not be happier-this is summer at its best!"

34. "I have a pretty bad habit of picking just the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charm box..."

35. "Oh thunderstorm, oh thunderstorm...You are music to my ears."

36. "WORST WEATHER I HAVE EVER DRIVEN IN. THANK HEAVENS WE ARE HOME." Another long story short: Cor and I are 99.9% sure we were in a mini tornado/micro burst. We don't care what any outsider says...we know what we drove through. Or, maybe not seeing as for a little bit there the world was completely gray. We couldn't even see the hood of the car. Rain was completely horizontal, wind was out of this world...and it was just silly scary. When we got home we couldn't get in because the power was we just ran in the rain and got completely soaked...then tried to dry off. P.S. He loves the bubble umbrella, too.

37. "Surprise rooftop city skyline views from @CoryBeebe are my favorite!" On top of the Cleveland Clinic looking at Cleveland. I love CLE.

38. "Indians game follow by the Lifehouse concert with @CoryBeebe! :)"

39. (From above, # 38) "Bummed! All was rained out...but we decided a run to get cookie dough and pop and a night full of True Blood will cheer us up! Life is good."

40. "@Camm_Mann's graduation party today! Enjoy today buddy!!" {Post Here}

41. "A water balloon fight is about the break out...and Mr. @CoryBeebe better watch out..."

42. "My family is the most amazing. Outdoor midnight talks kind of rock our worlds. #Bliss"

43. (From above #42) "We all hit the hay at 4:15 am...and did not wake up until 1:00 pm...7.24.11"

44. "Late night waffle dinner I do adore. My waffle maker I adore more :)" Cor and I love our waffles.

45. "P.S. Aussie Rules Football is legit." We discovered how sweet rugby is.

46. "Take two. This time CLE v. LAA. How perfect." BUT it turned into the: "Most wait...most depressing game ever." (And the old guy in front of us needed anger management, BAD!)

47. "Tired of bad people and tired of doing things I don't actually want to do. There, had to get that negativity out."

48. "Today is not the best day to feel low in creativity and have a writers block with 10 new speeches to write for some very important people."

49. "Coaching took it out of me tonight. But seriously, these little munchkins make my day, everyday. #Gymnasticsisthebestsportever"

50. "Dog sitting. Dog sitting. Dog sitting. Dog sitting."

51. "Um. So. Propane. Not a good gas. #Idiot" Gas stove malfunction. But I finally made my spaghetti. 

52. "Shoot did it again. It's somehow already 1:00 and all I've done on my day off is dance 5 times to Florance and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over."

53. From Miss Erin: "RT @erinjsmile: @MomoLove19 I want to live your life! I miss you!"

54. "Just had the best conversation with my long lost Betsy."

55. "Remember, you only get what you give."

56. "EKKKKK! @taylorswift13 concert tonight with @jbrady87!!!!!!! EKKKKKKKKK!!! Hope my vocal cords are ready!"

57. "Hard Rock Cafe pre-concert drinks and dinna!" Twisted Chicken Mac and Cheese was AMAZING.

58. "I. HATE. TRAFFIC. Good thing I'm moving to a HUGE city..." We were in the parking garage for EVER!

59. "10 p.m. ice cream run!"

60. "My best little buddy boy, forever."
Love always,